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Why Brands Are Investing In Capsule Supplements

Dietary supplement brands today offer a variety of nutraceutical products in various forms. At Sawgrass Nutra Labs, we specialize in liquid, capsule and powder dietary supplements. However, capsules have become an increasingly popular form factor over the last few years. In fact, according to a Grand View Research report, the soft gels and capsules segment contributed over 34.8% to the total global nutritional supplements market in 2019. 

Supplement brands generally prefer capsules over other form factors, like tablets, because consumers find them easier to swallow and they dissolve faster when ingested. They also tend to contain fewer additives, preservatives, and allergens. Here are a few other benefits to capsules that make them more favorable- 

  • Can be opened and the content can be mixed into juice or a smoothie.
  • No aftertaste from coating
  • Liquid-filled capsules are absorbed by the body in just a few minutes
  • Great for oil and fat-soluble nutrients
  • Unique sizes are available for manufacturers

Whether you are a new or established supplement brand, it’s an exciting time to tap into consumer demand for capsules that are: 

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • GMO-free 
  • Etc.

The opportunities with capsules are abundant. If you’re looking for a capsule manufacturer, contact Sawgrass Nutra Labs today.