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Amazon’s Policy for Dietary Supplements

How We Can Help Your Brand Succeed.

At Sawgrass Nutra Labs, we offer a complete Amazon Compliance Package with all of the tools and resources you need to successfully sell your products on Amazon. To learn more about these services, contact our sales team.

Amazon has established new rules for selling dietary supplements, which are required for each dietary supplement listed on its online platform. Amazon sellers must be in full compliance with these new requirements by May 3, 2021. If Amazon determines that any of the requirements are not met by this date, they have the right to: remove the product from Amazon, suspend the seller from marketing products on Amazon, withhold payments to the seller, or pursue legal action.

Sawgrass Nutra Labs offers a custom Amazon Compliance Package that addresses all of the Amazon seller requirements. The Amazon Compliance Package can save Amazon Sellers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. To learn more about Amazon seller manufacturing services, click here.

Our package includes:

  1. Certificate of Analysis (COA) – that has been issued within the previous twelve months, and includes:
    1. Product name
    2. Batch / Lot number or date code of the finished product
    3. Name and address of the issuing laboratory
    4. The name of each ingredient noted on the supplement facts panel, along with the laboratory method used confirming that the product contains the amount of ingredients as noted in the supplement facts panel
    5. The unit of measure for each ingredient which matches those listed on the supplement facts panel (i.e. mcg/mg)


  2. Product Images – that is a direct product image (not a rendering), shows all sides of the product label, and information that includes:
    1. Product name
    2. Batch / Lot number or date code of the finished product
    3. Name and address of the brand owner or manufacturer
    4. The supplement facts panel & ingredient list


  3. Letter of Guarantee (not required)– as an extra qualification from Sawgrass Nutra Labs, that includes:
    1. Product name – exactly as it is represented on the product label
    2. Assurance that the product is manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices as listed in 21 CFR Part 111
    3. Assurance that only lawful and safe ingredients are utilized, as defined in section 402 (f) of the FD&C Act
    4. Assurance that concentration of labeled active ingredient(s) is safe for consumption

For more information about how Sawgrass Nutra Labs can help you manufacture quality products and successfully sell on Amazon, contact us today.

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