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A Shift in Supplement Sales: Changing Trends & Consumer Needs

Consumer supplement trends have shifted with the onset of COVID-19. In 2018, multivitamins, fish oil, and probiotics were popularly sought after. In 2019, the supplement industry began to see a shift in focus to CBD products, collagen, and other superfoods. 

In 2020, consumers have begun focusing more on immunity and overall health as they look to dietary supplements again as immune boosters. While cognitive health is still an area of interest, the category will likely not see as much growth in 2020. According to Jonathan Lawrence, senior director of grocery and natural living at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, “People want their brain to work better, they don’t want to feel foggy. But it’s going to be secondary to those basic everyday regimen supplements at this point in time.” Most brands will still make and sell collagen, CBD, and the like, but the new regimen for stable business growth will be a focus on immune products, multivitamins, probiotics, fish oil, etc. 

Immunity supplement sales have been increasing for a few years. In 2019, Nutrition Business Journal reported cold, flu and immunity supplement sales across all channels at $3.3 billion with 8.5% growth. For 2020, and considering COVID-19, cold, flu and immunity is expected to spike to nearly 16% growth. 

Now that more consumers are starting to understand and value the role of dietary supplements in overall health and immune support, they have shifted their focus on supplements that help support brain health (cognition and focus), eye & digestive health, inflammation and immunity.

Contract manufacturers make products every day for dietary supplement brands, which gives them an inside look at what innovative brands are doing. And while we can’t divulge brand secrets, we can provide an overall look at what’s trending based on what’s being made in our facilities. If you are interested in knowing what’s trending in the supplement industry, contact Sawgrass Nutra Labs today.