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Amazon Seller Manufacturing Services

Are you an Amazon Seller for Dietary Supplements?

Sawgrass Nutra Labs specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of supplements for Amazon Sellers. To complement our contract manufacturing, we offer these additional services tailored for Amazon Sellers:

Sawgrass Nutra Labs offers supplement formulation services to assist Amazon Sellers with their product creation process. Our formulators have over 25 years of supplement formulation experience. We can help you tweak an existing product or design a new product based on your scope and goals including price point and functionality.

Label Design
Sawgrass Nutra Labs can help you with your label design. We will review your existing product label or assist you to create a new one. Typically we review and correct a product’s Supplement Facts panel and find that it is not compliant due to errors or it has not been updated to reflect the latest FDA labeling requirements and values (like DV%). Sawgrass Nutra Labs will provide you with an accurate and compliant Supplement Facts panel.

Special Packaging & Kitting Services
Sawgrass Nutra Labs has a robust Special Services department that all of our Amazon Seller clients leverage. We offer a variety of finishing services that Amazon Sellers need including product boxing, coupon and inserts, shrink wrapping, multi-unit packaging (2 packs, 3 packs, etc.), and even relabeling services.

Warehousing & Inventory Management
Sawgrass Nutra Labs offers extensive warehouse and inventory management services to support Amazon Sellers. We have hundreds of pallet positions and store Amazon Seller’s orders until they need to be shipped on demand to Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) distribution centers. Our clients send us their shipping & FBA labels and we prepare and release their inventory on demand as directed. In addition to these services, Sawgrass Nutra Labs provides accurate Inventory Management services with daily or weekly inventory reports.

For our manufacturing customers, Sawgrass Nutra Labs offers full consumer fulfillment services that Amazon Sellers can leverage in an instant if they need to switch to Fulfillment By Merchant due to Amazon restrictions or delays. We also provide traditional full fulfillment services as a primary option to our customers that require it.

To complement our warehousing services, Sawgrass Nutra Labs has full distribution management services as well. We can store your product and distribute it by the case, pallet, or even by the truckload.

Sawgrass Nutra Labs has always been strictly compliant with FDA requirements and regulations. Additionally, we offer special Amazon assurance and compliance services to comply with Amazon’s new 2021 requirements. You can learn more about this robust offering that saves our Amazon Seller customers thousands of dollars.

Custom Payment Terms
Working with our Amazon Seller customers, Sawgrass Nutra Labs has developed custom payment terms to partner with our growing clients and help them alleviate cash flow challenges. We collaborate with them to develop payment terms that allow them to reduce the upfront capital outlay and thus allow them to deploy their resources to other growth areas like advertising or promotions.


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