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Trending: “Clean” Product Labels

What is a “clean” label? 

A recent study by researchers at Washington State University concluded that consumers are searching for products with “clean” labels. Essentially, a clean label is one with simpler, fewer, and more natural ingredients. The study also found that not only are consumers interested in the ingredients that make up the products they ingest, but they are willing to pay more for products with cleaner labels.

The study also suggested that “clean label” can mean many things for a consumer. For some it can mean less ingredients, while for others it means limited artificial ingredients and preservatives. However, a few patterns have emerged that brands can utilize to their advantage. 

  1. “Clean label” typically indicates a product is free from something, whether it be artificial preservatives and additives or specific ingredients like sodium, sugar, gluten, or fat. 
  2. It can also mean shorter ingredient lists and only natural, recognizable ingredients on that list. 

In conclusion, brands should focus on what’s in their products, but also place equal emphasis on what’s not in their products. Natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables can be just as important as a lack of other ingredients. As long as brands make it clear what their product does and does not contain, consumers are (more often than not) willing to pay more for these products. 

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