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Top of the Line Customer Service: What You Can Expect From Sawgrass Nutra Labs

Here at Sawgrass Nutra Labs, not only do we manufacture quality products, but we do it with excellent customer service and communication. In the contract manufacturing industry, it is crucial to work with a lab that has open communication and puts the needs of the client first. We take pride in doing both of those things. Of course, we could say that all day long, but what is it that actually makes our customer service and communication excellent?

Dedicated Single Point of Contact

Often overlooked in the supplement manufacturing industry is easy access to communication. At Sawgrass Nutra Labs, we have a single team member that manages your order from start to finish. By having one person dedicated to your order, it helps keep your order right on track, never being overlooked or lost in the mix, and it helps us to keep you informed throughout the entire manufacturing process. From the minute you place an order to the minute you receive your order, our team member will be available to you through direct phone access for updates, questions, and everything in between. With Sawgrass Nutra Labs, you will never be left on hold for hours or pressing number after number trying to talk to a human. We provide direct lines to team members and you always have access to the cell phone numbers of our sales team, all of which have a 1 hour response time.

Meaningful Transparency at Every Stage

Sawgrass Nutra Labs understands that you want your vitamin or supplement product manufactured your way, which is why we keep you well informed throughout the entire process. We believe that the most successful partnerships are founded on trust. With that said, we create a circle of trust through transparency and communication. We handle everything from ingredient sourcing to warehousing, inventory control, and drop shipments – but just because we handle it, doesn’t mean our clients shouldn’t be aware of what’s going on. Your assigned team member will send you updates through every step of the manufacturing process. With complete transparency and openness, you don’t have to spend your time worrying about what’s happening with your product. Instead, you can spend your time growing your business.

Why This Is Important When Looking For a Contract Manufacturer

Like we said before, it’s all about trust. When you choose a lab to manufacture your product, you are trusting them with your company, your brand, and your customer’s wellbeing. You are placing control into your manufacturer’s hands. We fully understand that, and we take pride in respecting your business. When you choose to partner with Sawgrass Nutra Labs, you have control over formulations, packaging, and brand – we simply tack on our expertise in the manufacturing side to make a quality product for your company.

Throughout the process, you don’t want to be left hanging or waiting to hear back. You should feel well-informed and you should be treated with utmost respect, then again – it is your product. You should be proactively informed of the process so that you know the product is going to be of good quality, with all of the correct testing and precautions taken. You should be able to trust your contract manufacturer and focus on bigger things: your company’s growth and your customer’s health.

Ready to schedule a consultation about your supplement manufacturing needs, or have a question about the way we do business at Sawgrass Nutra Labs? Contact us and let’s talk!