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How We Can Support Your Retail Brand Through COVID-19

Consumer shopping habits are changing, and retailers are wrestling with how these new habits will shift business. People visit stores less, and therefore buy more per visit- but browse less. Because of this, online purchasing has skyrocketed. However, online shopping can be a tough sell for supplement consumers who worry about buying online. Reputation and longevity of brands and retailers are essential for many of these shoppers and that has not changed

Consumers are prioritizing their health more than ever before–investing more in health and, specifically, immune health supplements. This is a critical insight for retailers as they make plans to keep their stores stocked with quality products that consumers are searching for. Michael Modjeski (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wakunaga of America) shared that “It is a challenge to strike the delicate balance that will ensure levels of raw materials and finished goods are sufficient to meet demand while avoiding excess inventory that can age out. Whether or not this continues into 2021 depends on the trajectory of the virus and the socio-economic climate.”

So- how can we help support your brand? Supplement vetting.

With the onset of COVID-19, a plethora of illegitimate immune products flooded the market, as well as products with false claims. With this comes the risk of adulteration, mislabeling and contamination- which ultimately puts our consumers and industry reputation at risk. For many retailers, this means doubling down on vetting. 

At Sawgrass Nutra Labs our focus is on true partnerships and ultimately, transparency. Building trust with our consumers starts with trust throughout our entire supply chain process. We vet your brands, conduct research, and even offer formulation services in house to ensure product quality and safety. Each and every product we produce gets third party tested as our last and final safety measure. If you are interested in learning more about how Sawgrass Nutra Labs can help support your retail brand, contact us today.