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How is Contract Supplement Manufacturing Different from Private Label Supplement Manufacturing?

Outsourcing your dietary supplement manufacturing allows you to focus on your customer’s health and your brand’s growth. When it comes to outsourcing your manufacturing, the two most popular options are Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Manufacturing. Interestingly enough, most people do not understand the difference between the two. 

Contract Dietary Supplement Manufacturing 

A brand will typically work with a contract manufacturer on a custom formulation from start to finish, based on the specifications provided by the brand. Working with a contract manufacturer can ultimately lead to a more strategic partnership (as long as you find the right partner). Most contract manufacturers have a strong network of vendors, suppliers, regulatory experts, labs, etc. which allows for more expert advice along the way. 

Private Label Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

A brand will typically work with a private label manufacturer when they are looking to purchase a readymade supplement to put their own brand label on it. These readymade products can be bought in bulk or bottles, and are generally preferred by brands who want to go to market quickly. 

At Sawgrass Nutra Labs, we are a Custom Contract Manufacturer of capsule, liquid and powder dietary supplements. We believe that our approach to manufacturing gives brands the opportunity for more control over their end products. Here are some of the reasons why Contract Manufacturing is beneficial:

  • You can ensure your products are manufactured under high quality practices since your brand has control over the product. The product quality is dependent upon the standards and parameters set by your brand, unlike private label manufacturing.
  • Brand owners have access to more resources when working with a contract manufacturer- research, ingredient sourcing, product formulation, manufacturing, lab testing, quality control, compliance, and certifications. With private label manufacturing, your brand will not have any control on these processes- just the final product.
  • Although the contract manufacturer can offer expert advice on your brand’s product, the brand remains in control overall. With private label manufacturing, the manufacturer has full control over the product, formulation, specifications, manufacturing, and quality. 
  • Brands can be more creative with the products they bring to market, allowing for more differentiation and uniqueness. With private labeling, various companies might be selling the same exact product.
  • There is more accountability and transparency with contract manufacturing, and lots of room for innovation in comparison to private label manufacturing.

Sawgrass Nutra Labs works with brands of all sizes to create a streamlined supply chain for dietary supplement manufacturing. We handle it all from:

  • Ingredient Sourcing
  • Formulation Services & Assistance
  • Third Party Testing
  • Liquid Filling, Capsule Filling & Powder Manufacturing
  • Supplement Label Design & Packaging
  • Kitting Services (Product Boxes and Inserts)
  • Fulfillment Services (individual, Fulfillment by Amazon, pallet, etc.)
  • Warehousing & Inventory Management
  • Your own dedicated Project Manager

Contact us today to contract manufacture your dietary supplement.