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How Can Supplement Manufacturers Raise The Bar?

Supplement sustainability is gaining momentum with younger consumers who are more likely to regularly purchase natural and organic foods. As a supplement manufacturer, how can we tap into this newly emerging trend, and truly help our brands raise the bar in 2021? 

Sustainability is avoiding the depletion of natural resources, or maintaining a certain level of materials in order to keep an ecological balance. This term is becoming more widely known when it comes to the sustainability of our food, planet’s resources, and agricultural systems. According to a recent survey conducted by the Trust Transparency Center, the findings suggest that sustainability is not yet a priority for most supplement consumers. However, the concept of sustainability is gaining momentum and it is important for brands to begin considering this in the near future.

The idea of sustainability will grow as consumers continue to lean into transparency and gain more awareness of how goods are sourced, manufactured and distributed. In fact, many market and industry leaders believe that sustainability is a matter of corporate responsibility and passion. It’s important for brands to be transparent in both business and ingredients. 

For years, dietary supplements have been manufactured using synthetic ingredients and, in some cases, it could be argued that these ingredients are more sustainable. On the other end, synthetic biology is not a process that is allowed under the standard for the Non-GMO Project, which can cause confusion with consumers. Which is better and more sustainable? This could be solved with greater brand transparency, more detailed consumer education, and creating more trust by giving consumers a choice.

If your brand is looking to be more sustainable, sourcing organic ingredients is a great first step to supplement sustainability. “Instead of using harmful chemicals, organic farmers use methods like composting, crop rotation and inter-planting to control weeds and pests, replenish the soil and sustain the health of the planet.” 

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