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6-Step Guide to Evaluate a Supplement Manufacturer

Supplement manufacturers are here to supply to and meet the needs of the ever growing supplement market. Because of the size of the market, there seems to be a supplement manufacturer around every corner. This being so, it is crucial to know how to distinguish the good ones from the ones that will cut corners and provide poor quality supplements. Below we have outlined 7 important steps that will help you figure out how good your manufacturer really is.

  1. Know the manufacturer’s experience
    First things first, how prepared is the manufacturer?

    • Ideally, the manufacturer will have been operating for a long time, because this means they understand what needs to happen. However, if the company is new, check to see if the leadership has experience in the supplement market. Maybe the leadership has references from other places they have worked. This would qualify them for running a successful new manufacturer.
    • The best manufacturers have acclaimed certifications from places like the FDA. If they have them, they will be prominently shown on their website or their label.
    • They should have a scientific team as a part of their company to ensure that complicated standards are being met. Their oversight allows for supplements to be as effective as possible.

  2. Check if the manufacturer provides top-quality ingredients

    • The manufacturer should have strict quality control procedures that everyone should know. If these steps are not listed on their website, contacting them will be a quick way to figure out if they have set plans.
    • Great manufacturers are able to create pharma grade supplements. This proves that have the ability to produce supplements at the highest quality with the purest ingredients.
    • Are they cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliant? If they follow the FDA’s outlines and are physically approved by the FDA, this shows that they have put in optional work to ensure that their manufacturing is safe and effective.
    • Multiple rounds of testing should be in place. It is hard to confirm the quality of a supplement recipe with just one round of testing. To guarantee a high standard, there should be multiple tests.

  3. Confirm that the manufacturer is US-based

    • A supplement manufacturer that is most trustworthy is US-based, because a local manufacturer will better understand American regulations. If a manufacturer is far away not only will business and communication be harder, but also they may not be up to date with American rules and standards.

  4. Consider the first impression

    • First impressions matter, even with a supplement manufacturer! A supplement manufacturer should instill trust and professionalism, because, after all, they are making products that people will trust to make them feel better.
    • They should have an approachable brand, because good work cannot get done unless everyone is comfortable together.
    • Strong customer service needs to be prioritized. A manufacturer that does not put their customers first will not listen to their ideas for their supplements. Strong customer service includes quick response times, if even just to say they need more time to work on a problem. Being in the know is important when making a supplement.

  5. Ask the manufacturer about regulations for the dietary supplement industry

    • They should know all about the market in which they exist. It is not enough that they can operate their machinery, but they should be up to date with their general information as well. This shows that they are constantly doing research, and this suggests that they are constantly improving.

  6. What’s the manufacturer’s process for creating a supplement label? (FDA nutrition guidelines, active and inactive ingredients, overall design and appeal)

    • Not all labels were created equal, so it is crucial that supplement manufacturers are as detailed with their labels as they are with the supplements. First, they should meet FDA nutrition guidelines. Even though the supplements are not FDA approved prior to being sold, the FDA can revoke supplements if their labels lie. Being diligent and meeting these guidelines is necessary.
    • What sort of design skills do they have? Of course what’s inside the bottle matters, but the outside marketing is key too. The manufacturer should be able to produce a label that looks good and encourages consumers to buy the product.
    • A great manufacturer will have every single ingredient listed – active and inactive. This proves a certain level of transparency that is good for both manufacturing and customer trust.