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Why Should You Manufacture A Custom Formula?

Many of the most popular supplements on the market are custom formulas. Sawgrass Nutra Labs is a custom contract manufacturer of leading dietary supplements. We believe in taking care of the details so that you can focus on the big picture: your customers’ health and your brand’s growth. While private labeling is a great option for some brands, our focus is on helping brands establish unique products that set them apart.  

About Custom Contract Manufacturing:

Custom dietary supplements are typically contracted by more established brands with long term experience and the necessary means to launch a new supplement from the ground up. New brands can certainly succeed in this area too, but it’s important to know that the industry standard minimum order quantities typically range from 20,000 to 50,000 bottles. So if you’re not looking to splurge on your first order, sometimes private labeling is a better option for those looking for lower quantity. 

Regardless of where you currently stand, it’s important to know the key benefits of custom supplements before making a decision on which path to take. After all, you might find it worth it to invest in your very own custom formula.

Key Benefits of Creating Your Own Custom Supplement:

  1. You can make the formula exactly how you want it
    1. You can be innovative. From form-factor, flavor, color, ingredients, and packaging- it’s all up to you!
    2. Being a pioneer in the supplement world can allow you to spot the new trends and be one of the first to use it in your custom formula.
    3. No need for compromising- your formula is yours and no one else’s. Make it just the way you like it!
  2. You are able to cater to your customers’ direct needs
    1. Your current customers tend to give the best ideas through constructive criticism and feedback – use this to your advantage and solve their problems for them. Oftentimes, these problems may not have solutions yet and you can be the first to solve for them. 
  3. You can easily differentiate yourself from your competitors
    1. Not only does your custom & innovative product help you stand out from the competition – it allows you to be ahead!
    2. Private labeling is a good way to start your own supplement business, but it’s more difficult to stand out. Creating your own supplement allows you to create a unique offering that your customer can only purchase from you.  This allows for great customer retention.

Although contract manufacturing your dietary supplements tends to be more of a financial investment compared to private labeling, it sets your brand apart from competitors and keeps your customers coming back.  At Sawgrass Nutra Labs, we specialize liquids, capsules and powders, and have the team and expertise to help your business grow. Let us help you get started with your custom product – Contact us today!