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Are People Getting Enough Vitamins and Supplements?

Why should people incorporate vitamins and supplements into their daily routine? Let’s chat.

Dietary deficiencies are more common than you may think, which is why vitamins and supplements continue to be some of the most common products for consumers today. How can this change a consumer’s life? Well, it may be needed for them to live a healthy life in the first place.

The statistics show the most common groups of people to be in need of vitamins and supplements: over 30 percent of non-Hispanic African Americans have low levels of Vitamin D; women age 20 to 39 – those most likely to become pregnant – have lower iodine levels than any age group; and Mexican-American and non-Hispanic African American women are two times more likely to have low levels of iron than non-Hispanic Caucasian women. People often don’t realize the benefits vitamins and supplements can provide as your body continuously changes. We want to manufacture these vitamins and supplements for you so your customers remain happy and healthy.

A low intake of vitamins and minerals is strongly associated with disease risks, so providing your consumers with these supplements can make a large impact on disease control. Although you can get many vitamins through the food you eat, many people don’t eat the necessary food or the correct amount, therefore they become deficient in some aspects of their diet.

It is clear that not everyone has a perfect diet and researches which vitamins and supplements they need every day. Educating your consumers and providing them with vitamins and supplements will allow them to see the importance and provide them with a plethora of benefits. Something as simple as your mood-boosting and having higher energy levels, two things people take for granted and don’t realize can be improved with the vitamins they consume.

We want to help ensure you get your vitamins and supplements from a safe and reliable manufacturer, so contact us today for a quote! Let’s get your consumers on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.