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Answering Your Questions: Pharma Grade Supplements?

The world seems to be filled with dietary supplements, which is great, but none of these supplements are FDA approved. How can we trust the supplements that we put in our mouths? One very sure way one to know if your supplement is high grade is if it is considered pharmaceutical (pharma) grade.

What does pharmaceutical grade mean?

Pharma grade distinction is a term that means a supplement exceeds a 99% purity of the listed active ingredient. This classification is meant to prove that there are not any other substances other than the supplement. This includes binders, filler, excipients, dyes or anything else. Due to the many requirements, pharma grade is the most difficult ranking to achieve. There are three different grades or raw materials used in products:

  • Pharmaceutical grade – meets pharmaceutical standards
  • Food grade – meets standards for human ingestion
  • Feed grade – meets standards for animal ingestion

Clearly to be pharmaceutical grade that means the standards of production and quality of ingredient is the best possible. They must pass lots of tests in order to be recognized certifications.

In addition to ingredients, pharma grade supplements must be made in a cGMP(current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant manufacturing plant. The FDA outlines the requirements for a cGMP ruling, making this process one of the best ways to ensure quality of manufacturing. On top of that the FDA physically checks the manufacturers to see that they are meeting the standards. This means that even though the supplements themselves are not being regulated by the FDA, the process of production is.

What is the main difference?

The difference between a pharma grade supplement and a non-pharma grade supplement is honesty. By going through the hoops to produce a pharma grade product, manufacturers guarantee the quality and the purity of their supplement. Everyone can trust the supplements that meet pharmaceutical grade requirements. It is not a loose term, so the supplements will have at least 99% purity of ingredients and will be made in a FDA compliant and approved manufacturer.
Pharmaceutical grade supplements also tend to be more effective. One of the conditions of a pharma grade supplement is that they must be absorbed in the body within 45 minutes. With the guarantee of great quality and speed, users tend to feel an effect sooner.

Does pharma grade apply to both capsules and liquids?

Yes, pharma grade can apply to both capsules and liquids, however, liquids are much harder to find. Liquids are harder to sell if they’re pharma grade because of taste. If a liquid is a pure form of a supplement ingredient, it probably will not taste good. Often, liquid supplements have flavors added to them, but that would deem them non-pharmaceutical grade. Capsules tend to be the more popular form of supplement, because the capsules hide the taste of the pure ingredients, and they are easily administered.

What products are essential to be pharma grade?

Don’t think about pharma grade by what is there. Instead, think about what is not there. Pharma grade supplements ensure that nothing is hidden from the label. They are pure, trustworthy and made from the finest ingredients. Manufacturers cannot get by with lower quality ingredients, because only high quality ingredients are pure in form.

Is there a higher cost?

Producing something at such a pristine quality comes at an extra cost. However, this cost never should make a manufacturer hesitate, because they produce such a better supplement. A pharma grade supplement is an investment for the manufacturer, as well as treatment for the consumer. By providing better supplements, more people will trust the brand, especially because they are more effective. Those that have chosen to manufacture and provide pharma grade supplements never express any regret over the added cost, because they know that they are doing better for the consumer.

How common are pharma grade supplements?

Only 3% of all supplements are considered pharma grade. Despite the benefits, very few companies choose to make products at such a high standard. This can be attributed to cost and ignorance. Most people do not even know that their supplements can be better, so companies do not feel that it is worth investing more money in their production.