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Custom Formulation CBD Manufacturing – Top 3 CBD Forms

CBD can come in many forms, and not everyone likes the same form of CBD. Different forms are absorbed into the body differently – this can change the form you want to use or manufacture based on how quickly the effects of CBD impact the body and the THC content. Let’s explore 3 popular types CBD can come in and how it enters the body ultimately telling you how quickly you’ll feel the effects.

5 Different Forms CBD can come in:

  1. Oils: Cannabidiol is added to carrier oils to make the solution more powerful. This is the most popular way of taking CBD. The oils are typically ingested orally which allows for the oil to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream, meaning little of the effects are lost. It takes about 20-40 minutes for the effects to be felt. However, some people opt-out of CBD oil because of the taste, but more and more companies are adding sweeteners or flavors to help with the taste of CBD.
  2. Edibles: Edibles incorporate CBD into a tasty treat or snack which makes consumption easier and more discrete. Edibles mask the sometimes earthy taste of CBD, which allows for higher dosage. A common form of edibles are gummies, which provide a potent dosage of up to 25mg. While the dosage is high due to the CBD being processed through the liver, it reduces its concentration. A tip for people whose preferred method is edibles: incorporate your CBD with treats that contain lots of oils or fats. This allows for more CBD absorption into the bloodstream ultimately allowing you to feel the effects quicker.
  3. Pills and Capsules: CBD pills or capsules mimic any other pill you would take. You take them with a gulp of water and you’re done. Quick, easy and, for the most part, these pills/capsules don’t have a taste. However, a downside of pills/capsules is you might lose some of the effects during the digestive process, meaning the effect might take longer to happen and it might not be as strong as one would hope. A solution to losing some of the compound means pills and capsules have a higher dosage, which can drive the price up.

Additionally, THC content differs with each product and there is no specific amount set to each form of CBD. However, CBD derived from hemp is legal in the U.S. if the THC level is below .3%, according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

CBD can come in more forms as well, but these are by far the most popular. Sawgrass Nutra Labs manufactures all of these popular forms and can custom formulate to fit your needs. We are here for all your CBD needs! Call us today for a free quote.