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As if out of thin air, the CBD market, or cannabis oil, has skyrocketed. People have started searching for medicinal alternatives as a way to uses less invasive practices that are more in tune to their natural rhythm. CBD has proven to be a popular product that meets these needs. CBD is the concentrated liquid extract of the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa. But unlike other hemp related items, CBD is an isolate and does not have the effects resulting from notable amounts of THC. Since THC is federally illegal and produces a sometimes unwanted “high,” people have turned to CBD to provide the medicinal qualities of the marijuana plant without the distinct side effects of THC. As they do for many supplements, CBD oil manufacturersprovide various forms of application: tinctures, concentrates, capsules, topicals, vapes, and edibles.

Find below your answers to the different CBD supplements


Concentrates are the most potent form of CBD as they are the pure liquid concentrate taken from the marijuana plant. Concentrates’ form of application are orally with a syringe. The best practice is to hold the concentrate below the tongue or on the cheek for as long as possible thus absorbing the oil sublingually and bypassing the corrosive digestive system. Though this is a powerful form of CBD, it can be intimidating in a syringe and it tastes bad.


Tinctures are the most common form of CBD on the market. Like concentrates, they are considered a pure form, because CBD oil manufacturers do not separate the oils in production. Tinctures, too, are absorbed orally and ideally sublingually. But compared to concentrates, they are not nearly as potent, the recommended dose usually being 100 – 1000 mg. Doses are administered in drops, which can subtimes be messy.


Capsules are one of the easiest way to add the benefits of CBD oil to a daily regimen. One simply needs to add it in the routine of taking other supplements. There are a few forms of capsules like in any supplement capsule market. The oil based or fat solublemold are the most popular and most effective, because of how the CBD oil binds to the other oils in the capsule and how this compound reacts in the digestive system. Water solublecapsules do exist, but they are not as effective and they cost much more. Best to stick oiled based capsules. Regardless of form, the doses of CBD capsules tend to be from 10 – 25 mg, which is easy, but sometimes harder to see the effects of CBD oil.


Topical forms of CBD oil come most often in lotions, although there are also topical oils and serums available. Obviously, topicals are meant to treat issues on or near the skin’s surface like rashes, acne, signs of aging, chronic pain, and inflammation. CBD lotions usually also include other benefits like moisturizing aloe or calming essential oils, and they tend to be vegan. Unlike other forms of CBD oils, lotions are the hardest to understand dosage because of the non-exact way of application.


Another way to experience CBD oil is through vapes. This form does not tend to be too popular due to its overly obvious and somewhat harsh application form. However, it may be the most direct form of absorption and the form that is easiest to adjust dosages.


Edibles are gaining a lot of popularity in the CBD oil market. Most people attribute their widespread approval to their taste. Unlike other application forms, edibles completely mask the taste of the CBD oil. The issue with edibles is the dosage. Due to manufacturing methods, there can be discrepancies with the amount of CBD oil in each gummy.

Market Growth:

And these are just a small sample of popular CBD products. CBD can be found in almost anything, from ice cream to bath bombs. This breadth of product shows how expansive this market already is and how much growth it will accumulate. The surge is inevitable, but the rate of development is and was contingent on a few things. One of those things was the edit of the definition of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill. As it was previously defined, hemp fell under the term marijuana, which is illegal. Hemp was removed from this umbrella, which has allowed an industrial farming of hemp. Now that hemp is legally differentiated from marijuana, the farming and the products of it are constantly emerging and growing.

CBD is different than other supplements, because it is being looked at as a curative supplement, not just proactive. By existing in this realm, the continued expansion of this market will rely on science and fact. Some doctors have already supported the use of CBD, but the studies are still not as extensive as wanted. As people begin to critically examine CBD, the CBD market will wait anxiously for the facts to fully support its effects.